Equipment Rental and Hire Industry Report:

Establishing a foundation for success

The equipment rental and hire landscape has changed entirely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in this new environment, IoT (‘Internet of Things’) technology is likely to play a central role in its future trends. Download the report to explore future industry opportunities, and how to overcome common challenges so that your company not only survives, but actively thrives.

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Are you ready to #getyourdatatowork?

Managing a mixed fleet is complex, but you’re very likely sitting on a goldmine of telemetry information that, by activating, can completely transform how you manage and maintain your equipment. Start by integrating all your data across your business and assets, to give you meaningful and actionable insights.


Introducing Perspio - our data fusion platform that ingests, processes and analyses data from any connected device, asset or system in your fleet in real-time. Perspio will use your existing systems to give you accurate data and information in real-time. You can use any connected device, system or asset to analyse the data, streamlining your business operations.

People first, technology second

We’ll work with you to create the most effective workflow for your business. We can incorporate your existing systems or implement new ones, giving you powerful data analytics and reporting to grow and scale your business.


Unlike many IoT companies, we focus on people first and tech second. This means we start by understanding your unique operations, then help you automate your current workflows with smart technology.

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Telemetry, Servicing, Rental and Financial information... in a single platform
All the real time information your branches need to operate more efficiently

Any IoT device or GPS Tracker, any OEM system with public APIs, any other digital data, available in one platform, normalised, and ready to be used, no matter what the physical asset is.

Automate your rental workflows - avoid revenue leaks, create new services, ensure your equipment is in the best shape!

Once your data is acquired and normalised, your teams can use it without having to think about where the data comes from and what system to look into.
More importantly, the telematics data is linked to your physical asset in your operational systems. You can now simplify your rental workflows, by providing the right person (team member, supplier, or customer) the information they need at the right time, in the right system.

Additional data streams can also be ingested to provide contextual recommendations to the right person. Things like ready-for-hire checks, pre-start checklists, service reports, driver ID, weather and traffic can add a new lens to the data and ensure your teams and your customers make the most out of the equipment for hire.

Everyone has a unique data landscape.
What's yours?

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Our data ingestion capabilities rely on a strong pipeline of proven integrations across OEM telemetry systems, IoT/Tracking devices, as well as line of business systems.

This library is evergrowing so check it out often!

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On our blog we share stories of the field, as well as our vision of the value of telemetry in the industry when properly used.

We try to avoid the marketing buzz and ensure that the articles bring value to your operation.

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