Australia’s most innovative IoT company.

Where other IoT companies put technology first and operations second, we take the opposite approach. We don’t focus on tech for tech’s sake. Instead, we start with understanding your unique operations, then help you automate your workflows thanks to smart technology.

First we learn about your business and identify the connected assets, IoT devices and systems that are involved in your operations. Then we map a path to automation – incorporating third-party data sources, as well as your own.

We then automate those workflows in Perspio™, our data fusion platform.

The ultimate data fusion platform

Welcome to 

our data fusion platform

To automate your workflows, we leverage the power of Perspio™. The platform collects the data from:

Any sensor
(OEM or field-installed)

Any third-party source
(traffic, weather, etc.)

Any in-house system
(ERP, Inventory, LMS, HRMS, etc.)

Then it processes and analyses that data to present customised insights in real-time.

With workflow automation backed by Perspio™, you get more than just a pretty graph. You get safer, easier, more sustainable operations. That’s because Perspio™ will show you what you need to do to manage risk within your workflows.

And instead of transforming your systems or tools (or making you log into yet another application), Perspio™ evolves them to make them more powerfully useful to you and your team.

Our vision

Inauro was born from a desire to be a leader in the technology ecosystem working to advance industries and their operations. We wanted IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence to completely evolve the way the world does business, delivering to the scale and reach we know they can.

Most importantly, however, we wanted them to put people first and make their lives easier. We wanted an industrial IoT platform that was simple to use, that understood your business and that delivered enhanced operations in real-time.

And we wanted it to be seamless. It couldn’t be simply another tool layered on top of your existing system – becoming yet another thing to oversee. It had to integrate across everything else and feed enhanced data into whatever you already use. It had to let you keep using your existing systems, but make them better.

So we started Australia’s most innovative IoT company, Inauro, and built Perspio™, to do just that.

Our values

Be Open and ‘Fair Dinkum’

We believe in honesty and transparency across all aspects of the company and in making sure everyone has a voice. We own our words, take responsibility for our actions, and deliver on our commitments.

Solve for the Customer

The success of our customers is what keeps us going. That’s why we always create value for them at every interaction. We’re innovative, fast, responsive, flexible and work hard to be a great partner.

Be Courageous

We’re not afraid of challenging the status quo to reach for what is best and right. We learn from our mistakes and strive to be better every day.

Work with Heart and Balance

We’re passionate with our work, and we inspire others. We deliver robust outcomes and take responsibility for our wellbeing and that of the people around us.

Play as a Team

We’re building an inclusive, positive team. We’re empathetic and respectful of others. And we know that life is short, so we always aim to create fun in our days.

In IT Together

Our team

Angus Kennard

Angus Kennard

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Craig Kesby

Craig Kesby

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Max Girault

Max Girault

Chief Commercial Officer

Mitch Hirsch

Mitch Hirsch

Chief Technology Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Inauro located?

Inauro’s office is in North Sydney, NSW, but our work takes us wherever we’re needed – including overseas.

Whether you’re building an infrastructure project in Melbourne, developing a wind farm in India or expanding your agricultural operations in Brazil, we can help.

How can I get in touch with Inauro?

Head over to our Contact page and fill in your details. We’ll get in touch to discuss your projects, workflows and assets, and how we can help them digitally evolve.

What makes Inauro an innovative IoT company?

Unlike many IoT companies, we focus on people first and tech second.

This means that while others try to bend your operations to their tech, we start with your operations and innovate our solutions around them.

Not only that, we also move beyond just collecting data and digitising existing information. Our platform, Perspio™, can collect data from multiple systems across different sites, then provide customised insights based on machine learning algorithms to deliver real operational value.

In other words, we help you to digitally evolve while enhancing your operations.

Is Inauro an industrial IoT company?

Inauro is a contributor to the industrial IoT system. However, we go well beyond it.

Where many industrial IoT platforms just collect and present data, we help you actually make use of it. Focusing on your data and smarter ways to use it makes us more of a digital evolution company than an industrial IoT company.

We help you to leverage industrial IoT, then complement it with existing data systems. This allows you to make connections and develop insights into how to enhance your operational efficiency, better manage your risk and improve your site safety and environmental responsibility.

Will I have to change my operations to benefit from Inauro’s solutions?

No – a key tenet of what we do is that nothing we implement should fundamentally disrupt or upset your existing operations.

In fact, in an ideal scenario, your team wouldn’t even know our solutions were in place. They’d keep working with their existing tools and applications while we simply feed richer data into those systems, making them more powerful.

Meanwhile, in the background, our automation of your workflows will be making their lives better, safer and more efficient.

Because our aim isn’t to transform your operations. Instead, it’s to evolve them and make them better.