Scully RSV and Inauro announce a strategic partnership to drive digitisation in the refrigerated transport industry.

Jul 12 2021 | Press Release

Scully RSV selects Inauro’s PerspioTM platform to drive efficiencies across the manufacturer’s vehicle hire business and support its customers with embedded solutions for supply chain transparency.

Sydney, July 12th, 2021


Scully RSV, the leading provider of refrigerated special vehicles in Australia, announces it has signed a 5-year partnership with Inauro to digitise its operations. Through this partnership, Scully RSV will equip its growing fleet of vehicles with on-board telemetry, enabling its customers to access real time information on the trucks and the refrigerated cargo.


Inauro’s Perspio™ platform will provide Scully RSV with the integration capabilities to automate its backend operations, as well as the ability to integrate the vehicle data into their customers’ asset management platforms.


“Scully RSV is proud to partner with Inauro in delivering our latest digital solution for customers. Not only will this technology offer a greater insight into our own operations but more importantly for our customers. As a key partner of choice for many long term hire and fleet customers, this solution offers yet another tool to optimise our partner cold chain.” Cameron Hogg, General Manager, Scully RSV.


Angus Kennard, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Inauro says: ” We are seeing an increasing demand for transparency in supply chain, and even more for cold chain. Companies are installing GPS tracking solutions on their fleet, but no one talks about what happens at the back of the truck. The moment a rental vehicle is in the mix it becomes very hard to gain visibility. Any digital solutions built for the fleet then fall apart. We’re excited to provide Scully RSV with a solution to this problem and look forward to seeing the impact across the industry.”


About Scully RSV


Scully RSV is a full-service Manufacturer, Servicing, Sales and Hire organisation, specialising in refrigerated transport solutions for over 30 years. Originating in Brisbane, Scully RSV provides services Australia wide through key locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The organisation manufactures vehicles of superior workmanship ranging from utes through to trailers, catering to frozen, chilled and ambient temperatures. Customers access a range of fleet options such as short and long term hire solutions, alongside new and used truck sales. With a focus on long term hire and fleet solutions for customers, enabling a raft of benefits related to capital, servicing and repairs. Inauro will benefit not only Scully RSV but also their fleet and long term hire customers with all vehicles receiving the Inauro roll out.


About Inauro

Inauro is an Australian real-time data fusion company that specialises in leveraging data from IoT devices, digital forms, ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems to create efficiencies in operational workflows. Inauro’s know-how comes from having undertaken this transformation within a large industrial organisation and having connected thousands of mobile plant assets into operational processes and seen the ROI realised. Leveraging a cutting-edge data fusion platform, PerspioTM, Inauro specialises in providing real-time contextual recommendations for operational teams to make better decisions and increase automation.

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