Why truly embracing Digital Evolution requires Data Fusion

Apr 29 2021 | General, Technology



It’s astonishing to see how much hype the technology industry has created around concepts like IoT and digital transformation, while making such little advancement around industrialising those concepts. Sure, some success stories exist, and they’re shared high and wide across the globe to hail those thought leaders who’ve actually made it work.

But the truth is that digital transformation is hard.

In many cases, there’s so much to do and so many ever-evolving options that many businesses just find it easier to do nothing. That’s not surprising when the alternative is to commit to a component solution without being sure that it will yield value.

Here at Inauro, we’ve seen this happen far too often.

Time and time again, we hear of IoT projects – even over large deployments – failing, because the deployments are often incomplete. Data becomes available, but still stays in its own little silo. It’s devoid of context, and therefore becomes unusable across the floor.


Enter Perspio™: data fusion in action

As CSIRO defines it, data fusion is “the process of integrating multiple data sources to produce more consistent, accurate and useful information than that provided by any individual data source.”

This seems like a lot of work, but it’s where platforms like Perspio™ shine. Let us walk you through how this actually works inside a platform like ours.

In the landscape of technology, platforms and solutions that are designed to ingest, store and visualise data from IoT devices, the vast majority do just that. That means they’re siloed systems, so they can only provide insights based on the stream of data they’ve received from devices in the field.

Meanwhile, the people using those systems can only make good decisions quickly when they have sufficient data points to remove uncertainty and guesstimating.

But when you take a 360-degree view of an asset’s lifecycle within any business, the telemetry data from that asset (assuming it’s connected at all) is just a small slice of the pie. It’s missing all the contextual information that comes from managing onboarding, servicing, maintenance, operation, safety, compliance, transport, finance utilisation, actual utilisation and disposal.

Large enterprises that can afford to invest millions per cycle in Business Intelligence may be able to access sufficient data points to quickly, reliably make good business decisions. But – at least until now – smaller operations have struggled.

Enter Perspio™ – particularly the PerspioIngest module, which has advanced, seamless data acquisition at its heart. Perspio™ also has a large, continuously growing suite of connectors and endpoints available to ingest data from telemetry, customer and public sources, including:

  • Telemetry: device manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and aggregation platforms
  • Customer: ERP, CRM, HRIS, data stores, business intelligence platforms
  • Public: traffic and weather.


A solution that ingests, aggregates and FUSES data from all these different sources within a single platform allows operational teams to make better, quicker, more well-founded decisions.


So what does that ability mean in real life?

This level of data fusion could mean that a construction site asset’s ignition event is no longer just a flag in a visualisation platform.

Instead, it becomes a trigger to check whether:

  • the equipment provider has correctly serviced the asset
  • the asset has enough fuel for the day, has undergone the appropriate pre-start checklist and was correctly inducted onsite
  • the asset operator is someone with approval to operate it.


Bringing all of these data points together creates a clear, accurate picture of the context around the asset’s ignition event. And this picture consequently provides the opportunity to do something to address the event if required.

That’s just one scenario… and we haven’t even touched on how Perspio™ can recommend, predict and automate any required decisions!

As a result, digital evolution becomes more than just a theoretical concept: it becomes a reality in your operation.


Interested in understanding how to leverage Perspio™ in your Digital Evolution project?

We founded Inauro – Australia’s most innovative IoT company – to truly realise digital evolution by leveraging IoT at an operational level.

Let our data fusion platform PerspioTM help you to analyse your data, then focus and automate the operational workflows you are looking to digitise.

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