Harnessing innovation: Perspio’s™ Servicing Module redefines efficiency

May 10 2024 | General, Technology

Fleet owners are faced with many challenges. Thankfully, there are now numerous digital tools to assist smooth operations. 

One such platform is Perspio’s™ new Servicing Module, which is revolutionising fleet servicing management. Through advanced automation, the system intelligently schedules and tracks service requirements, ensuring timely maintenance and reducing downtime. 

This streamlined approach enhances fleet performance, optimises resource allocation and cuts costs. By centralising service management, Perspio’s™ Servicing Module offers a comprehensive view of fleet health. It also enables proactive resource allocation decision-making, which reduces disruptions and saves on costs. 

In this article, we explore how the Servicing Module empowers businesses to achieve higher levels of productivity, reliability and customer satisfaction in their fleet operations.


Perspio’s™ Servicing Module for your preventative maintenance needs

Perspio™ seamlessly integrates telematics data across diverse fleets. This integration allows businesses to automate routine tasks efficiently and gain insights into fleet use. For example, it can identify assets that have been over-revved for extended periods, thereby impacting maintenance needs. This helps when facilitating specific service scheduling.

The Perspio™ Servicing Module also offers flexibility that you just won’t find in other systems. Unlike conventional asset management software with rigid servicing protocols or manual worksheets, Perspio™ takes a flexible approach to preventative maintenance. 

One of its standout features is its customisable scheduling. “It’s easy to define and adjust servicing schedules based on specific needs,” says Inauro CTO Mitch Hirsch. “This eliminates the need to conform to predefined system constraints.” 

This flexibility enables businesses to align their servicing operations with their specific requirements, streamlining workflows and optimising asset maintenance. “Whatever your service reminders or preventative maintenance outcomes are, we wanted to make our servicing engine support that above and beyond what some of the basic things currently do,” Mitch adds.

Perspio™ integration capabilities extend beyond internal operations and can seamlessly connect owners with manufacturers and suppliers. For example, warranty management is currently a cumbersome and often overlooked aspect of fleet management, and removing it takes away the administrative burden. Real-time reporting and dashboards offer a comprehensive overview of fleet health, which allows for proactive maintenance strategies. 

In addition, field feedback, such as digital inspections, oil sampling or other asset-specific characteristic testing, further enhances visibility and operational efficiency.


A man holds a small truck with graphs and charts depicting telematics in fleet management

Perspio’s™ Servicing Module offers fleet managers a complete view of their fleet health


Who needs the Perspio™ Servicing Module?

As labour costs continue to rise, fleet managers want to maximise efficiencies and reduce staff costs. Using Perspio™ to manage admin-heavy tasks enables companies to move resources out of the offices and into areas of the business where they can be most effective. 

Whether you have a fleet management system in place or not, Perspio’s™ Servicing Module can drive efficiencies.

“Perspio™ is a versatile solution that caters to businesses at different stages,” says Mitch. “It not only benefits those without any servicing solutions or infrastructure but also enhances operations for those with existing systems, ensuring they get the desired outcomes and capabilities.”


Future-proof your operations with Perspio™

The Perspio™ Servicing Module takes telematics beyond merely tracking assets. In fact, Inauro customers who use the service are already reporting enhanced efficiencies and improved operations, visibility and reduced risk.  


Beyond vehicle tracking

Mitch says the platform doesn’t only revolve around vehicles or generators.

“Perspio™ can service any asset, which means the industries it supports are broad. For example, it can track a HVAC system based on time or usage or when a temperature sensor needs calibrating.

“Cold logistics trucks are another good example of an asset that benefits. Plus, we can configure service reminders for various parts of an asset. For example, an asset might include a fridge, a motor and a tail lift. They can all be monitored separately.”


Predictive maintenance capabilities

Perspio’s™ Servicing Module offers a streamlined framework for managing preventive and predictive servicing rules across mixed fleet operations, regardless of the asset count. Whether integrated with a monolithic ERP or supplementing existing spreadsheet-based schedules, it offers extensive flexibility as a standalone solution or system enhancer. 

“As we invest more in machine learning and AI, we will also aim to deliver predictive reminders based on evolving operational parameters. This will lead to even more servicing efficiency over time,” adds Mitch.


What Perspio™ customers have to say

The feedback has been positive with early adopters of the Servicing Module reporting they are thrilled to streamline their business processes. Users can retire spreadsheets and whiteboards and seamlessly automate processes with their ERPs for improved maintenance results.

“Equipment manufacturers appreciate the shift to a digital platform, enabling seamless transmission of service information to and from customers,” says Mitch. 

“This move eliminates issues associated with PDFs and physical paperwork, reducing servicing and warranty claim challenges. By digitising and integrating systems, manufacturers gain enhanced visibility.”

Businesses also report enhanced compliance and more efficient site inductions for customers. “It’s about doing more with less hassle, achieving efficiency and swiftly setting up essential processes,” adds Mitch. 


A colourful graphic representation of telematics and fleet management with computer, tablet and smartphone

Perspio™ takes telematics beyond vehicle tracking to deliver a range of efficiencies and cost savings


Discover what Perspio™ can do for you

Perspio’s™ new Servicing Module gives fleet managers a significant edge by streamlining service processes and increasing operational efficiency. Its advanced automation has the flexibility to fit your current operations and systems, no matter how simple or advanced. 

Are you ready to discover what it can do for you? Get in touch today and take the first step towards improving your fleet operations.

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