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The Inauro and Scully RSV success story

Fleet tracking solutions aren’t always a set-and-forget process. As your company grows, so should your fleet management solution. Keeping on top of the most up-to-date IoT software platforms helps you meet (and exceed) compliance, maintenance, and safety requirements. 

One company that knows this journey well is Scully RSV, a national refrigerated transport solutions provider. Scully RSV experienced rapid growth and success. As a result, they needed to partner with an IoT fleet management software company that gave them complete transparency and control over their expanding fleet. 


Greater visibility for improved operations

Scully RSV has been on a steady growth curve – it doubled its number of refrigerated trucks and trailers to over 1,000 in a matter of years. With sales and rental clients spanning across Australia, ranging from large multinationals to small business owners, they needed to find a way to streamline operations and gain control of their fleet. 

Aaron Smith, National Fleet Manager at Scully RSV, says the company faced challenges before investing in the IoT platform, Perspio. “We had a small number of assets at the time, and we couldn’t monitor them to the level of detail that we needed to,” Aaron explains. “We needed a solution that allowed both us and our customers the ability to verify their location or how they were being used.”

Not having visibility across operations can impact profitability, maintenance, and safety, not to mention the added pressure on internal teams from additional administrative work. 

The Scully RSV team knew they needed robust fleet management software to monitor several different aspects of their trucks and trailers without juggling multiple applications. “We needed to monitor the assets, track their performance, share information, and monitor how they’re being operated while they’re out on hire,” Aaron says. “And that’s where the journey with Inauro began.”

Inauro’s Chief Commercial Officer, Max Girault, understood the challenges facing Scully RSV and worked with his team to deliver the right solution. “Scully RSV was a unique case,” Max says. “They needed multiple sensors to monitor different parts of each vehicle for different people, which typically comes from different solutions. Inauro is not only monitoring the refrigeration and temperature aspects but also driver behaviour, vehicle particulars and usage.”




The Inauro solution: tailored fleet management solutions to capture more data

Like many clients, Scully RSV needed a customised setup, relying on two data sources. “We initially started monitoring the refrigeration unit in isolation, but this only provided downstream value to Scully RSVs customers,” Max recalls. “We needed to be monitoring the performance and usage of the trucks as well to give a comprehensive operational view. We set up Geotab as a hardware platform for the trucks and then worked with the Didcom team in Mexico, who provided the temperature and fridge monitoring into the Geotab device.”

The solution needed flexibility to extend to suppliers and stakeholders while connecting to existing telematics on each asset, including non-powered trailers. 

“The trailers needed a different solution,” Max explains. “We wanted to be able to get all four temperature zones in the cargo, with trucks and trailers operating as fridges and freezers. We also needed to monitor the engine hours of the refrigeration units because they have a different maintenance regime than the actual truck itself. Then we needed to be able to monitor all the detailed specifications of the truck and the drivers. So for the trailers, we ended on a simpler Teltonika solution that provided us what we needed to integrate seamlessly with the other data.”

But, as with all fleet management software, these solutions needed to evolve with new technological advancements and growing business needs, a process that Max and his team at Inauro manage daily. As Scully RSV acquires new businesses and assets with existing telematics, the Inauro team extends their IoT platform, Perspio™, to cater for different devices and telemetry offerings, bringing solutions like Cooltrax and Carrier Lynx to the platform. 


A computer screen detailing fleeting tracking for Scully RSV

Having complete visibility of your assets can help you understand exactly where they are at any given time.


The result: Fleet management software success

The overwhelming results benefit all aspects of the Scully RSV business, from the clients and asset operators to the internal operations and leadership teams. Key stakeholders are also given an opportunity to access the data and make informed decisions. As the National Fleet Manager, Aaron witnesses these benefits on a daily basis. 

“We’ve now got complete visibility of our assets,” he says. “So, as soon as they leave our premises, we can look up a fleet number or registration, which will pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location and monitor its performance. It’s terrific.” 

The Scully RSV team can now easily track refrigeration hours and kilometres. “We’ve set up geofences for ourselves, so if an asset goes into one of our repair agents around the country, the State Fleet Manager will get an alert on their computer to indicate where it is. The State Fleet Manager can then pick up the phone and check the status. It’s helped us to be proactive to ensure assets are properly managed, rather than have the customer ringing us.”

Tracking kilometres and hours through Perspio™ is also useful for maintenance scheduling and monitoring. “This helps us alert our customers when the assets are in need of servicing, which is another massive tick for us and our customers,” Aaron says. 


Scully RSV customers are reaping the benefits

A big drawcard for Scully RSV customers is the ability to access their own data. “Our customers can monitor the temperature of the refrigerated freight and the different compartments remotely. So, if something’s not right or if a delivery is rejected because the end customer said the temperature of the load was not right, we can review the information in Perspio™, track it and provide a report with the exact temperature settings, distance and hours,” Aaron says. “This gives stakeholders a great deal of transparency.” 

“Anyone who hires a Scully asset can also have access to this data so they can see all the metrics for each route. By monitoring the fridge plant, we’re alerted to any issues in transit. It will alert with a code notification to both Scully and the customer so a solution can be sought in a timely proactive way and reduce the potential of product loss.


Operational excellence beyond the data

The improved data transparency has transformed Scully RSV’s operations and provided increased opportunity to scale and grow. But, as Aaron confidently states, the value and transparency of the fleet management software goes beyond the technology. 

“Initially, we were drawn to Inauro’s tracking system and the benefits it would provide, and also their company values aligned with Scully’s way of doing business, too. 

“We provided a list of tailored requirements, and Inauro’s capability and flexibility meant that they could adjust the platform to suit our needs. This gave us the results we were looking for. As we continue to evolve and discover further enhancements, we know we can rely on Inauro to assist in guiding Scully to increased success in the future.”


What does the future hold? 

Aaron and the team at Scully RSV are working proactively with Max and Inauro on the impacts of the 3G shutdown and ensuring continuity of service to Scully customers.

They are also looking forward to what the future holds, confident with Inauro’s pragmatic leadership, “The key thing for us is that we know we can trust Inauro and they are there to support our Telematics requirements,” Aaron says.


A computer screen demonstrating the Perspio system in action for fleet management

Tracking kilometres and hours through Perspio™ is useful for maintenance scheduling and monitoring



Scully RSV’s advice

“It’s imperative to do your research and find an organisation that not only meets your operational need but also aligns with your own organisation’s values and culture of growth and development,” Aaron advises. “A provider that you can partner with beyond the basic service delivery.”



Find the right fleet management software for your business

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