Geotab Go series is one of the best OBD devices on the market with more than 2 million vehicles connected worldwide. Providing in-depth data from vehicle on-board computers, and enabling driver behaviour monitoring, the Go devices work with pretty much any vehicle that has a diagnostics port.

Data feeds from devices:

  • Location (speed, idle time)
  • Movement (engine running or transported, harsh braking, harsh cornering, collision detection)
  • Runtime based on engine run signals
  • OBD translation providing manufacturer dependent data sets, but capable of surfacing things such as tyre pressure, gears, wiper status, seatbelt status, true road speed, true odometer, coolant temperature, oil temperature, and much more
  • Additional inputs: Go devices can be equipped with further digital inputs for cold chain monitoring, dash cameras or driver identification to name a few.


Where do we recommend using these?

  • Any light vehicle fleet
  • Any trucking or road transport fleet