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Rental operation workflow optimisation thanks to seamless IoT integration

Heavy equipment fleet management software

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Our platform keeps a steady (digital) watch on your construction equipment fleet to manage operations and ensure your plant performs as it should for your customers – every time.  Our workflow automation platform, Perspio™, speaks directly to your construction equipment, analyses the data so you know exactly what maintenance is needed, and makes it available to your teams in their operational systems. This ensures less downtime and an equipment fleet that functions optimally when it’s with your customers.  All of which grows your company’s reputation for reliability.  

Context is a superpower

No matter the size, we help you access the insights you need to ensure an optimised, functioning construction equipment fleet that’s ready for every client, every time.
Construction equipment fleet management software

Increased efficiency

Heavy equipment fleet management

Reduced rental-turn-around time

Construction equipment asset management

Fleet maintenance optimisation

Introducing Perspio

Perspio™ is more than just construction equipment fleet management software. It’s a data fusion platform that can digitally transform your plant maintenance and management processes. It mines information from your equipment, then analyses and processes that information to deliver real-time insights that will change how you work.

How we improve your construction equipment rental workflows

Our workflow automation process is very different from a typical technology company. Instead of focussing on your data alone, we take a holistic approach. First, we learn your workflows. Then we figure out how to improve them.  Once we understand your fleet and how it works, we create a custom workflow automation solution that focuses on the areas that most need it.  Here’s what the process looks like:

Workflow Identification

We analyse your workflows

 Every operation has processes that could be improved to deliver a better customer experience, more efficiency and the potential of additional revenue streams. We work with you to identify existing workflows that are ripe for optimisation, then comprehensively map them out.

We then design an automation solution to fit the best workflow candidates

We select the best workflows to automate – based on cost and impact potential – and design solutions and data requirements to fit. 

Solution Development

We get and connect your devices and data sources

We connect your existing devices, assets, operational systems, and any third-party data sources required, into Perspio™. We also assist with sourcing and deploying any additional devices needed to fill data gaps.

We start processing your data

Once the data is flowing into Perspio™, the platform ingests it, consolidates it into a centralised warehouse, then uses it to generate real-time insights you can act on.

Digital Evolution

We give you enhanced visibility, without asking you to change how you work:

We feed your analysed, enhanced data into your enterprise applications, or our own Smart Dashboards, meaning you get customised, worthwhile insights in real-time.

We help you to continuously improve

We continually fine-tune and evaluate your existing workflows’ performance, and look for opportunities to further your digital evolution by adding new workflows to the platform.

Want to improve your construction equipment rental workflows?

Maintenance Process Optimisation

Today your workflow looks like:

It’s Thursday afternoon, so you walk around the yard and charge all your generator batteries for 45 minutes. Now you know that they’re all fully charged and ready for hire. But, if one of the batteries is starting to fail, you run the risk that next Wednesday’s client will hire and rely on a piece of equipment that won’t be functional.  This may have a domino effect for their site and all the trades on it – and, as a result, diminish your customer experience.

With Perspio™, your workflow would look like:

All of your generators have IoT devices that connect to Perspio™. So at any time, Perspio™ already knows exactly which batteries are performing at what level.  Plus, because Perspio™ is constantly analysing data in real-time, it can identify:

  • which pieces of equipment are near failing
  • which just have low battery levels 
  • how fast the battery charge for each piece of plant is degrading. 

You can use this information to service only the plant that needs it, charge only the batteries that are low, and ensure your clients get working equipment every time. This saves both you – and them – time, fuel and resources.  Additionally, if the client has an issue once they’ve hired a generator and it’s on-site, you have all the information you need to diagnose and fix the problem ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with Inauro?
Head over to our Contact page and fill in your details. We’ll reply as soon as we can to discuss your projects, workflows and assets, and how we can help them digitally evolve.
What heavy construction equipment rental workflows can Inauro help us with?
We can help you to enhance visibility across your entire construction equipment rental fleet operation, as well as optimising everything from digital checklists to the servicing of equipment – large and small. to performance.  Just some of the construction management workflows we can help with are:

  • Charging
  • Plant downtime management
  • Fuel tax credits 
  • Waste management
  • Plant hire optimisation
  • Asset recovery
  • Safety and compliance management
  • Security
  • Risk management
  • Maintenance optimisation
  • Safety alerts
How can IoT make my construction equipment rental workflows more efficient?
Having one centralised processing location for all of the data your company collects means everything can work together to create a clear story. You can then make more informed decisions instantly, based on better, more up-to-date information.  Our smart reporting options enable you to send contextualised insights straight to the departments that need them. This means you create an efficient information flow without unnecessarily overloading the departments that don’t need that data.  In short: information is time and time is money. Automation and mapping can give you the insights you need to efficiently manage and grow your business.  That means no more wasted maintenance time. More customer uptime and repeat business. And less human-failure related problems.
How can IoT make my construction equipment rental business more environmentally responsible?
Fewer manual checks mean less unnecessary vehicle movements. More reliable heavy equipment means less floating, fewer service trips and less downtime, which can all be environmentally inefficient.  Not only that, but with greater device integration and enhanced visibility, you can also better monitor and respond to potential environmental hazards like spills or leaks. Responding faster and more effectively further reduces your environmental impact.
How can IoT make my customers’ construction sites safer?
We believe in a ‘workflow first’ approach. That means you can use our insights to identify and fix safety issues in the relevant areas before they happen.  Also, a more reliable equipment fleet leads to a more efficient construction site. So when things run smoothly and on time, your customers will naturally cut fewer corners in terms of safety.  Enhanced visibility gives your team greater awareness of site vehicle movements, asset operations and project activities, which helps to manage associated risk.